What charges do I need to pay when I assign a task to Fix The Credit Score?

Fix The Credit Score is a professional organisation with a commitment to the clients that they will not pay a single penny if we cannot fix the credit score. So, we do not charge even a single penny upfront and bill the client when the credit score is fixed.

How much charges do I need to pay when the score is partially fixed?

We have individual charges for every single problem, the charges are optimized for the efforts required for a particular task. So, one needs to pay for only those assignments which are completed by Fix The Credit Score.

When do I pay for the fixing credit score?

We work on several front and keep track of every project. However, there is a small issue, there are cases when one job is completed in a week while others take months. In these cases we send the first bill after a few weeks of completion of the first few tasks, the pending tasks are billed separately upon completion.

How long do you take to fix the credit score?

Fixing the credit score is a very complex process and no one can give a guaranteed timeline. We can say that the timeline will be between two to a few months depending on the complexity of the matter and the authorities involved in the process.

Why should I not use Black hat techniques?

When you are looking to fix the credit score, you actually have a plan in hand. Using a black hat technique gets your credit file locked for eight months. Eight months might completely change your plans and the way you think about a plan. One should always be a little serious about the credit ratings as a little carelessness might ruin your plans.